We are all creatures of influence. We are being influenced, and we are having an influence. Human life had some influence.


We influence more by example than by words. If we say one thing and act another, we shall find our actions speaking more loudly than our words.


The love you have, O child of God, will find its way into some other life sometime, somewhere. Then may we love him with all the heart.


We should like for others to be such an example to us; and as we would that men should do to us, let us do to them.

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St Francis Funeral Home is one of the Best Funeral Homes in Lagos. It offers wide range of Casket Sales and Services from carefully made Local Wooden Caskets to imported Casket, we offer various exotic motor hearse for transportation of corpse to any part of the country, professional band boys and Pall Bearers in Elegant traditional and Foreign Attires.